practice areas of personal injury

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Practice of Personal Injury can be varied, such as  Road Traffic Accident (RTA), Road Side Accident, Parking Accident, and Pedestrian Accident. These were involved Motor Vehicles (cars, vans and other MPV, HGV or LGV vehicles, Motorbikes) and Pushbike to walking Pedestrians . Liability of these accidents fall under vehicle policy holders Insurer.

Extends of injuries sustained  as a result of these accident can be very serious, causing  physical injuries, amputation, fractures, psychological traumas, and the worse could be diseased.

Or it could be minor as a whip lash injuries causing, head, neck, shoulder, lower and upper back, and unlikely hip pains. Symptom of a whiplash can be sensed through neck pain and tenderness, neck stiffness and difficulty in moving your neck, headaches, muscle spasm, pains around shoulders and back. 

Whiplash injuries symptoms can develops from few hours to days, but unlikely cases. Less common symptoms are, memory-loss and poor concentration, dizziness and  tiredness, pins and needles around you arm and hands. 

Then we move on to Work Related Accident, falls under Employer Liability. Causation of injuries can be identified as Slips and Trips to serious injurious mentioned above. Next on the list is Industrial Accident this also comes under Employer Liability. Injuries from the accidents can be catastrophic as it involves heavy duty machinery and hard & hazardous surfaces. Secondly Industrial Disease & Illness caused and exposure of hazardous chemical or materials. And the injuries can be breath taking, highly dangerous, it can start from skin or flesh injuries to internal organ failure and many other.

When it comes to Public Liability, Slips & Trips on walking pavement, or while travelling on public transport and other public places are fall right beneath local Councils feet,  a claim against Council.  Slips & Trips from Corner Shop, Supermarket, Restaurant and other public areas  also a claim against the  Public Liability of the Owner. The magnitude of the injuries can be less severe to factual unless we see such case.

As we are also licence to run Criminal Injury Compensation Claim,  we are not please to abstract further information on this diligent. As you may have been victimised by a brutal attack or Act. We can help you forwarding your claim against CICA (Criminal Injury Compensation Authority), you are more than welcome to discuss this personal and we will guide you through.