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"Any wound can heal in time but a bag full of compensation can put a smile into these painful lips." 

A Personal Injury can be physical, psychological or disease & illness caused by an accident from work or industrial related accident, motor accident, bicycle accident, pedestrian accident, or while shopping, walking on a pavement and other public places.  We  work with UK's leading solicitors to provide a quality and reliable service, to recover your General Damages (Personal & Psychological Injury, Care and Assistant), Special Damages ( Losses of Earnings, Travel Expenses, Medical Expenses, Repairs and Replacement of Damaged Properties).

So how does Personal Injury Claim works for you? Were you injured in anyway by a direct act or negligent of defendant? Please visit us or call us to discuss about your claim, once we gather enough information we can then discuss with our solicitors to submit your claim to defendant / defendant insurer / defendant solicitor.  First step will be sending a Claim Notification to the defendant, and wait for their responce on liability stance. Admission of liability can take up to 21 days, some cases up-to 90 days to give full responce. Once liability admitted by the defendant we then send you for a medical examination with an expert, and other referrals accordance with Medical Experts suggestion. Next onto submitting all available medical evidences, extent of damages, losses to the defendant to settle your claim. Some cases we may issue court proceeding to settle your claim or in the event by defendants negligence to meet your claim.

Also we can provide Credit Hire and PCO Hire for those client's whom claiming for Vehicle Damage claim with an Unroadworthy vehicle. Credit Hire can be provided through our Credit Hire service by ABBEY TRADING, however ABBEY TRADING  is also an approved vehicle repairer. We can get your vehicle repaired as soon as we recover your Vehicle Damage payment, unless go through private. There are no obligations what so ever, we wish to provide a service for your need. Our duty is to satisfy you, and keep you life long client with ABBEY.

Other Areas of Injury Claims


  • Industrial Accidents & Illness  or Disease 
  • Work Related Accidents & Illness
  • Bicycle, Motor Bike Accident 
  • Road Traffic Accident 
  • Pedestrian Accident 
  • Personal Injury 
  • Criminal Injury
  • Serious  Injury 
  • Slips & Trips 

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Client Care


We are aim to provide a quality of service but sufficiently and delicately, we use email, social media, mobile sms, whats up application and viber application to manurer and deliver our service  on time to clients for claim updates, Medical Appointments, Payment Updates, Court hearings, and many other prospects. 

More on the other hand our solicitors are always in touch with you via emails, sms and phone calls to get your claim on going from day one and keep you on loop.